Sunday, November 6, 2011

Miss Independent - A Culinary Queen

I do not know what it is with my kids lately, but they have decided they rule the kitchen.  They are constantly helping themselves to food.  Much to my chagrin.  They have always been very independent children.  They are very happy to go and explore the world on their own.  This has been good and bad.  They like to meet new people and see new things--good.  They talk to strangers, tell them personal things and may even agree to go with a stranger--bad...

This morning as I went to take a shower, I asked Kristiana to go to the play kitchen and make me a lunch.  I just wanted to distract her while I hopped in the shower.  When I had just begun to shower, I heard pots and pans banging in our kitchen.  I thought, oh well, not exactly what I asked her to do, but I don't mind if she bangs a few pots and plays pretend.  Then when I was nearly finished showering she came into the bathroom and said, "Mom, I can't open the garbage for my egg."

"What, now?"  and then I saw a little hand come through the side of the shower curtain and it was filled with a cracked egg shell.  Oh my!  I was envisioning a kitchen floor covered in cracked eggs.  I rushed to put on a robe and went to assess the damage.  In the kitchen, Kristiana had pushed a chair up to the stove and had the carton of eggs on the counter.  There were about seven eggs sitting inside a pot and one egg had been cracked over them.  She also had a pink plate sitting to the side ready to place her masterpiece.  I told her that we would save the un-cracked eggs for later and I washed them off.  I told her that we could still cook her egg.  She asked for a spoon to stir her egg.  Thankfully, she could not reach the knobs for the burners.  I turned on her burner and supervised her cooking of her egg.  And then she ate it.  It was a fun to watch her cook and show her independence.  I think she is a natural in the kitchen.  Although, I think barely three years old is a little young to begin her culinary career--not sure if this expression of independence was good or bad.

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