Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's Precious Moments, with Hashtags

I don't have a Twitter account, but I think hashtags are funny, cute and clever (What are hashtags?).  So I am writing this post with hashtags.

  • After a long wait, friends Anne and Taylor are getting to adopt their little girl! They just have to wait 30 more days.  #GodisGood, dreamscometrue, happydance

  • Listened to our five year old son read two stories to his sisters. #successandpatience

  • Pushed the kids on the swings for a half hour and listened to their giggles of joy. #nicesunnyweather

  • Hubby made dinner and it tasted great. #secretmasterchef

  • Received a dozen sweet, soft, and not at all sloppy, kisses, intermittently throughout the evening from our three year old daughter. #thankheavenforlittlegirls

  • Held baby girl's hand as she fell asleep in her crib. #sleepbyyourselfbygolly

  • As I wrote this post, Lucy kicked so hard I saw my belly rise up. #stronghealthybabyonherway

    100 5602


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