Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Imagination Land

Today, Alex and Kristiana each got a box to play in.  Their little faces lit up when they saw them and they immediately hopped in.  They seemed so comforted by getting inside.

What is it about a box that is so entertaining to kids?

I used to love playing in boxes.  I tried to remember what I loved about them so much.  At first I thought that perhaps it was personal space.  It does provide a barrier between one and the outside world.  If you close up the top, you are all alone and no one can see what you are doing.  Perhaps being inside a box reminds them of being in the womb subconsciously.

But, it probably has a lot to do with imagination too.  A box can become anything one imagines.  The possibilities are limitless.  I noticed over Christmas someone actually did decide to market and sell boxes as children's entertainment.  They were large boxes with scenes, or playhouse printed on the outside and they could be colored.  However, I think that they probably did not sell a lot.  Aside from being an overpriced box, they were printed on, which immediately eliminates the imagination part.  Nothing beats a good old-fashioned, plain, cardboard box.




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