Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Inventions of the 20th Century

It was an agonizing five year wait, but we finally decided it was time to bestow on our son original sized legos. This is one of the greatest toy inventions in history.  They are so creative and so well made and perfect for every kid.  We had to wait until we felt he was responsible enough to take care of a full set.  He has had a couple little sets, but this is his first big set.  I decided he needed something other than computer games to keep him occupied during the seemingly endless days.

I gave him his own corner in the playroom to keep out younger, irresponsible siblings.  He's been building since they arrived in the mail yesterday.

100 5862

In turn, we had to give the girls a very girly private space to play.  Not sure this is an entirely good plan as it does not promote sharing.  But, the younger kids are too young for this toy.

100 5855

100 5856

Silly Girl - Yeah, she crosses her eyes and makes them go every which way to be silly.

100 5858

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priest's wife said...

Hurray for lego! You might check out ebay and craigslist for 'cheap' lego bricks

I think it is good to give him a special space- older kids have more responsibility- and they should have more privileges as well