Sunday, October 21, 2012

About That Funny Little Girl

Kristiana has a b-i-i-i-g personality.  She always has.  When I was just newly pregnant with her, out of the blue, people would approach me and I ask me if I was pregnant.  I thought, "Wow, this baby is already making it's presence known."  An acquaintance of my husband's came up to him at his school and said, "Andrew, is your wife pregnant, because I had a dream she was."  It was so strange.

When she was a little baby, she had a way of screaming in the night that would make your hair curl.  She still does.  To this day, she still wakes and screams in the night, over the littlest thing.  But, I kept saying to my husband, you just watch, this little baby girl is going to be funny and your going to love her and have a special bond with her.  I was right.  Each night before she goes to bed my husband makes her swear an oath that she will not scream in the night.  "I, Kristiana, will not scream and cry in the night and wake everyone up, and will stay in my bed to sleep.  So help me, God."

Over the last week, I have been reminded of how funny and special she is.  One day this week she did her preschool homeschool for over five hours.  She could color pictures all day long.  She could sit and play pretend by herself carrying on conversations with herself all day.  

She hobbled around bent over holding a long toy as a walking stick and crackled her voice as though she were a very old woman.  She was good little actress.  She'll sing songs with gusto like the song from Annie, "Tomorrow."  She sings the Popeye the Sailor Man song in a scratchy Popeye voice…by she won't do it on camera. 

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And she loooves to organize things.  I do not mean she likes to pick up all her toys and put them away.  But, she does organize things--almost anything she can get her hands on.  When she dumps all the crayons out of the box to color a picture, she will line them all up in color order.


We have a basket full of kids shoes by the door.  She pulled these out of the shoe basket and while pretending they were animate she lined them all up and had them talk to each other.



Kristiana Quotes:

"I"M A TEENAGER! I'm a baaaad girl!"

"Daddy, your the strongest man in the WORRRLD!"

 "Daddy, you're reawwee strong like Popeye!" 

Mommy:  "Next Sunday we should get some fried chicken for Sunday dinner."

Kristiana: "No, we don't eat chicken on Sunday!'

Mommy: "Oh (pause), what do we eat on Sunday?"

Kristiana: "We eat caaandeee!"

As I write this she is pretending her sister's pacifier is a bird and having the pacifier fly from one side of the room into her sister's mouth.  What a creative clown.

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Kayleena said...

I enjoy reading about your children's personalities :) She does sound like she keeps things humorous. Always a nice asset to the family :D Plus she is adorable. I say this like every other day but I wish we lived in the same town so our kids could play together (and we could have coffee!) Waaaaaaaa!