Saturday, October 6, 2012

Icon Writing With Kids - Moses and the Ten Commandments

In this week's home school lesson we learned about the Ten Commandments.  Therefore, we wrote the Ten Commandments icon.  What is there to be said about the Ten Commandments?  There is a lot to teach a child about what constitutes a violation of these commandments.  But, I think the most important lesson of this week is "The Lord spoke these words," (Ex 20:1).  It is important for a child to know that not only are these the rules, but that they are given to us from God.   This is the conduct the Lord, God, expects of him.  This is what it takes to obey God.

Kristiana has become my little icon protege.  While Alex participates here and there.  She is eager to study.  She request page after page of coloring, lessons and worksheets.  She is so proud of herself.  I would have had her paint this one, but Annie, our two year old was not napping and I did not want to get out paints while she was around.  Alex was sick with strep throat (ick).

Here are the girls working on this week's icon:


Moses of the Rainbow Robes - Kristiana was pretty proud of the many color robe



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priest's wife said...

beautiful again- your kids are so blessed to have you for their mama