Sunday, September 30, 2012

Icon Writing with Kids - Adam and Eve

Since I have decided to put together a coloring book for my kids, I am drawing the cartoon of whatever icons go along with our weekly religion lessons.  I then scan it, clean it up a little and print one for each child including the two year old. I truly believe that these holy images are a large part of helping the children to understand our faith.  

I need to perhaps be more patient and spend more time getting it to look more graceful and precise.  I pushed myself to draw two this week amidst my other duties and it would have been better to slow down.  I do not foresee any large icon painting sessions any time soon.  

Here are this week's icon.  I could not convince the kids to color the last two because I did not set aside appropriate time for them to work on it.  But we talked about them.



Adam and Eve Fall

Michael the Archangel

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