Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tot Talk - "Love is Cute"

Yesterday, Alex was playing on my husband's computer in our office/guest room as he does often after home school and chores.  He sits and plays intensely for a couple of hours, until we pry him away.  He had headphones on because my husband plays online computer games and likes to talk to his competitors on the other end.  Andrew was laying on the guest bed trying to take a nap.  I came in and laid on the bed with Andrew and started to whisper to him.  Anyhow, we thought Alex could not hear us, nor did we think he even acknowledged our presence, because he was too into his game.  But after a few minutes he said, "Aaawwe, you guys are always showing your love in front of me."  He said it in a tone that sounded like, "Ew, gross my parents are kissing."  Then he giggled a little.  A few minutes later he giggled again and said,  "I think your love is cute."  More giggles ensued.  He said this all without pausing or taking his attention away from his game.  Of course I had to respond, because I cannot ever let the children have the last word.

"It's good that you have parents that love each other and show it."

Kids say the cutest things.  As I write this Alex is getting out of bed to come tell me things he wants added to his birthday present list.  I told him he couldn't demand gifts.  Gifts come from the heart.  You cannot ask for them.  But, if someone asks you what you might like to receive as a gift, then you can tell them.  No one is required to give you gifts….He said that he wanted me to remember what he would like and get it for him, and maybe from this point on he can try to forget about it and be surprised.  Oh the ideas they come up with.

We had doughnuts as a part of our Byzantine New Year celebration - Lucky kids
(I actually got a picture of them all smiling and it came out blurry.)

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