Saturday, September 22, 2012

Annie Turns Two

Not to make this post all about me, but I really should learn from years past.  It happens every year.  I say to myself, "We're just going to celebrate at home with the family."  But when it gets close to the actually day, I throw an impromptu party.  I call people and say "Hey, I know it's short notice, but will you come to my kid's last minute birthday party."  It's all me, I get to feeling like the celebration needs a little oomph by sharing it with friends.  So late last night I decided that Annie should celebrate with her one and only good friend, Simon.  He was born a couple days after her.  I spent the first half of the day preparing while Annie partied hard all day long.  

Funny story about Annie, today.  This morning, as I was going to take off for the gym, grocery shopping and birthday preparations, we heard a cat's meow outside our garage.  Annie came running out of the house to find the cat.  There, meowing loudly, was a stray, light orange, tabby cat.  I think my neighbor had been feeding it and he is out of town now.  Annie began petting it and hugging it.  Then she put the cat in a headlock and started dragging it toward our interior door, which made me nervous that she might get bit or scratched by a stray.  But she succeeded at getting it to our door and then she and Alex coaxed it in.  She began to give the cat a tour of our house and the cat followed her wherever she went.  Then my husband came in from the backyard with our dog.  The dog immediately chased that cat right back out the garage door and that was the end of kitty (good dog). 

I left for the gym and store and Andrew took the bigger kids to the zoo for some hours.  And in the evening we had our impromptu mini-party.  It was the best day of Annie's life.  (See some party pictures below.)  Clearly, Annie received a stuffed kitty because of her love for cats.  It was precious when she opened the kitty and she let out a gleeful, "Kitty!" and jumped up and down on the sofa.


Annie's siblings filled the play bed with balloons and put Annie in it to play.  Funny siblings.



Annie had her favorite foods: mash potatoes and gravy, cherry tomatoes and hotdogs


Annie's buddy, Simon.  She had to sit in his chair with him.


Our neIghbor made spectacular cupcakes for her


Annie's Royal Court


Annie's Loot: Kitty, My First Baby Princess doll, a diaper bag with baby care items, a blanket and pillow, playdoh activity tubs, bracelets and necklaces


Annie went to be with baby and kitty


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