Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lamb of God

Have mercy on us sinners!

Ten wise and holy virgins are awaiting Christ the Bridegroom, number us among them.

"Why are you slothful, O my wretched soul? Why do you waste your days in thinking of unprofitable cares? Why are you busy with the things that pass away? THE LAST HOUR is at hand and we shall soon be parted from all that is here.  While there is still time return to soberness and cry: I have sinned against You, O my Saviour, do not cut me down like the unfruitful fig tree, but O, Christ, in Your compassion, take pity on me as I call on You in fear; May we not be left outside the bridal chamber of Christ!" (Orthos - Holy Tuesday)

My first, hasty attempt at pysanky.  It's a wooden egg I purchased at Michael's

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The butter lambs have been molded and await Easter blessing.  I have one more in the freezer. Three Lambs all together.  I explained to Alex this year why we use a lamb at a symbol of Christ.  He was shocked at the history…I love these awe struck moments in educating my children.


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