Friday, March 22, 2013

Ta Da

Lucy likes to say, "Ga, ga, ga," a lot.  It is so cute because it's funny that we have a baby that actually says ga, ga,ga.  When our son Alex was a baby and he cried he actually said, "Waaa, wa, wa, wa, wa."  Babies are so cute and funny.

I have noticed that Lucy is able to mimic sounds pretty well.  Tonight after her diaper change I said to her, "Ta daaa!"  She repeated back to me like this, "Da Daaaa!"  She did it with the same inflection and every thing.  I took her to the next room to Daddy and I said, "Watch this. Lucy can say Ta Da. Lucy, Ta Daaa!"  She said, "Daaaa!"  I guess we can tell her someday her first real word was Ta da. 

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Kayleena said...

Ohhh, I love her!

Have you guys started making your plans for the summer months yet? huh huh huh huh? :D