Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have long struggled to parent the inquisitive 2 - 5 year old range of children.  They are high need, high energy and poor communication skills.  Especially now as a home schooling mom I have found it even more of a challenge to both educate older children and keep the busy toddlers out of trouble.  I have dealt with many stress inducing scenarios via the toddlers.  Often have I wondered whether I am cut out for this sort of work.  I am sure every mother questions herself in such a manner.  Motherhood is, simply put, challenging.  

For the past year and a half, I have desired that one of our children go to preschool because she is absolutely into everything every minute of the day.  She also seems a bit high strung and high need.  It is not as though I have not tried to creatively deal with it, redirect and so forth.  However perhaps with preschool she could go somewhere else and channel her energy--save my nerves from having to both school and dash about the house keeping her out of it.

This week has been different.  There is one key change.  We acquired an iPad and the tot is using it to stay out of trouble.  Normally, I have activities for Annie to partake in alongside our home school lessons.  It does not take too long before she has done all she desires to do and slinks away to flood the bathroom or write on walls with permanent marker; break something valuable.  This week when she began to look restless, or fussy, I offered her the iPad.  She had educational preschool games to play.  She stayed entertained for as long as I needed and she even learned a little phonics and counting this week.  Kristiana is doing better with counting as well.  It's a win all around.  It has been peaceful during school.  It's really an answer to my prayers.  It's my electronic nanny.





Mno Hiya Lita!

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