Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future

1. Realized/remembered today, I don't miss high school.  I don't really miss being a kid either.

Newborn me…not good times. My sister liked to hit me a lot.  She was apparently very jealous.


Baby me - not enough food coming my way!


Little kid me - too much to even explain


High school me - very lonely


2. I do miss college.  If only I knew then, what I know now. 

3. Had I known in college that now I would be a home schooling mom of four, I would have never started in engineering and definitely would have done an education degree, alongside the philosophy degree (don't regret that, oh so useful, philosophy degree). ;-) It would be great too if I had done something that I could do as a part time job now.

College me - Awesome times!


4. I also would have cherished my college time more.

5.  I would take more art classes.

6. Someday, I'd like to be brave.  I am not sure, I've ever truly been brave.

7. Today, I paused in church to listen to and answer all my five year old's questions about the Nativity decorations.  It was totally worth the interruption.

That's my five year old hanging on my neck.  She throws her arms around my neck at least once a day and showers me with little kisses the way I used to when she was a baby and nuzzles me with her nose.  She tells me I am beautiful and skinny all the time.  She has a really great memory.  If we don't know where something is, we always ask Kristiana and she always know where it is.  The other day, we were outside playing at 5 p.m., and she affectionately greeted each neighbor as they drove into their drive coming home from work.  She's pretty wonderful.

100 8032

8. Last night, my husband and I had a new year's celebration for two.  We're such good friends!  What good fortune we have each other.

(Mmm, bacon. Ahlalalal)


Now on to bigger and better things in 2014, because "the best IS yet to come."

Mno hiya lita!

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