Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Denying Temptation

A Great Lent Reflection

When Christ went into the desert he was denying the temptations of the devil. The things that the devil used to tempt Christ were corruptions of the flesh: falling to one's appetites and lust for power and importance.  During Lent we deny our flesh luxuriant food. We deny not food which sustains us, but the extraordinary food such as meat, fats, sweets, alcohol.

We can also deny ourselves things that make us too self-important like social media and T.V.  These two things can deprive us of mental and physical rest. They can also deprive us of purity and spirituality.

In our denials we are capable of more. We can be more tuned to the movements of the Holy Spirit. We can pray more. We can spend more time serving others in our family and community.

We are praying more. Reading more (family read aloud). Learning more about God's holy people. And we're eating differently.

I often feel that Lent is a relief from the weight of indulgence. Lent is a blessing, a gift.

Mno hya Lita!

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