Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Just Tighten It"

My husband and I love the scene in the movie, Knocked Up, when the main character is confronted by her bosses about her pregnancy.  They are in full support of her being pregnant (Pro-life message, people love new life, life is good), but the bosses also make it clear that since she is on camera, after the baby is born she needs to " just tighten it."  That's the comic relief: be big and pregnant and all that goes with it, but then afterwards take care to "tighten it," her body, back into it's former shape.  I am in the that phase now, "Just tighten it."  The baby was born two...almost three months ago and I started thinking about getting back into shape about three weeks after baby was born.  But, it's a slow road.

Ultimately I have several motivations here:

1.) Clothing fits more comfortably when my body is "tighter." I am all about comfort for me :-)
2.) I like to feel strong and capable.
3.) I like to feel well and healthy.
4.) When I am strong and healthy, I think I am a better wife and mom.
5.) Mind, body and soul all need to be well.  I am not well, if one of the three areas are lagging.

I have been having a pretty difficult time getting the scale to budge, although the tape measure has moved down.  I was pretty weak returning to the gym.  All the muscles went totally slack after the baby.  I could hardly lift any weights and the gym childcare does not take babies until four months of age, so my workouts are on borrowed time from my already overtaxed husband. Fortunately, my muscles have tightened back up pretty quickly and I am almost back to lifting heavy again.  Now I have to take off the pounds.  I am trying to find the best way to do that without sacrificing the milk supply for the baby.

I am keeping track of the things that are making a difference.  Of course there is no replacement for hard work and diligence.

So far what is working:

1.) Prayer - I always say, one has to give it over to God.  Give all your works over to God.  Everything is pointless without Love and Beauty: God.  I also recognize that I am not the Master.  I say to Him, "I cannot do this if You do not will it.  Please, help me.  Lord I give this over to you."
2.) Water - it's the life of the body.  We're 70% water!  We need to sustain that.  As soon as I started drinking those 64 oz. of water a day, I started losing weight.  It's a good way to force your body to release fat.  It also helps to release toxins.  Since I am nursing I don't want to release toxins into my milk, so I need to drink lots of water to release the bad stuff into my waste.
3.) Journal - Keep a food log with calorie values.  Calculate the calories you burn each day.  I like this calculator.  Then you have to keep your calorie intake 500-1000 below your base calorie intake. I have been using the fitbit food log, because it's a really quick, easy app.  But, I also like the Atkins app because it shows carbs, fat and protein consumed at a glance.
4.) What you eat matters - A ton of green leafy salads are important to weight loss. They are low-calories, low-fat (watch the salad dressing - bolthouse yogurt dressing is my fav), high nutrients, high fiber, and fill you up.  Although, I don't think it is necessary to choose high nutrient greens always.  Iceberg lettuce is cheap, tasty, high fiber, and will fill you up. Just add a protein for sustained energy.  Add healthy fats too like olive oil and avocados (in reasonable quantities like a quarter of an avocado per meal).
5.) Detox - I found that detox smoothies help jump start fat loss.  They are full of water and rich in anti-oxidants. They can also be high in sugar, so be aware.
6.) Track it - Tracking workouts with a fitness tracker helps me stay motivated and see if I am pushing it as hard as I can.  I am finding, I can always give more.
7.) Exercise - Well, just do it. I feel like it all helps: walking, running, cycling, weight-lifting.  My best combo is high-intensity cardio three days a week, alternating with weight-lifting two days a week.  I am a big proponent of keeping weight-lifting as a part of one's exercise regime because having strong muscles helps one perform better in cardio exercises and also helps in avoiding injuries like throwing one's back out, or knee and shoulder problems (Just don't over-train, either).

I still have a long way to go to be back where I was before the baby.  It can be a little frustrating.  The new little man in my life is totally worth it.  Say a prayer for me: amongst all these challenges I face on a day-to-day basis, pray that I persevere with love, kindness and Christ's peace.

Mno Hiya Lyta!

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