Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tot Talk - Five Husbands

I have not done one of these posts in a long time.  It's not that these zingers have stopped coming.  I just stopped recording them, which is such a shame.

This past Sunday was the Eastern Christian remembrance of the Samaritan woman at the well.  There are so many powerful messages in this Gospel.  It is celebrated during Easter season every year as a reminder that our sins are forgiven and if we follow Christ we shall not thirst but have eternal life.

The Samaritan woman has many sins.  Jesus points them out to her mainly as a means to prove to her that he is Christ.  Christ tells the Samaritan woman that she has had five husbands.  This proves to her that Jesus is the Messiah and she goes and brings many people to Him.  The name given to this saint is Photini - "enlightened one."

My eldest daughter's patron is St. Photini.  We reminded her of this as the Gospel was read.  She listened very carefully to the Gospel and sermon this day.  After church our daughter walks up to the priest and says,
     "My patron saint is Saint Photini. [pregnant pause] She had five husbands!"

My husband turns red and moves her along quickly.  This is so her personality.  She does not remember that Photini converted many and was martyred, but that she had many husbands. :-/

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