Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Can I Best Contribute to the World?

As I have listened to and transcribed the Board meetings for my business, I have begun to think and long for how I can best contribute to the world and make it a better place. I have as much to offer as most any person and I want to be sure that I do give as much of my talent and expertise as I have to offer.

I am listening to these men who are top in their fields talk about their ideas to better their industry. What they have given to the world of football and to the youth (the future) of America is significant. Even the least of coaches, like a Pop Warner grade school coach gives a lot back to humanity teaching young boys how a man ought to act: with character and integrity, giving back to the community and to families.

Teachers do a lot of the same. Good teachers change the way the youth interact with their world and their knowledge. A caring, charitable, well-formed teacher, who invests themselves in each student, makes an investment in the world and adds unto its wealth.

I have many unrealized goals. But, constantly I have a longing to share what is good within me. My goal is to share my talents and knowledge and impact others lives in a positive way. I desire to share those good and noble things that I painstakingly learned throughout my education and formation.

The question for myself is do I have to impact many, or is it enough to be a good wife and mother raising good and well-formed children? Should I be making the extra effort to contribute to my community? I honestly do not think that I could be a good employee, wife, and mother if I divided myself in such a way. I feel too divided as is. There are so many errands and chores left undone, too many missed lessons and cuddles. Perhaps that is why so many American families do not go out and find ways to give to their community. They are too bogged down dividing their lives between work and family.

All I can say for myself is that transcribing the thoughts of other great men is not the best way I should contribute to the world. It makes me a little melancholy to not have my thoughts respected and carried out, and perhaps I do not have any good ones. What is to be done with me?

This is my 60th post.

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