Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Will Take Mine With an Extra Helping of Manliness

I heard on the radio that there is a new trend of manscara, man-liner and the man makeup bag. This story came from a Hollywood makeup artist who claims that increasing numbers of men (I assume all her clients) have found that certain cosmetic products can decrease facial imperfections while enhancing a manly appearance. AGH!

I really find it hard to believe that any regular man would agree to use anything more than the basics on his face. A man with a particularly bad complexion may be persuaded to use some sort of medicated face wash. Aside from that, I really do not think that any normal man has the patience to put so much effort into his appearance. Granted there are men that take the time and care to look nice and presentable, but that still would not include such adornments.

It is not a part of the manly repertoire to flower himself and paint his petals--he doesn't have any petals! Men do not use scented hand lotion (nor hand lotion at all unless his hands are chapped and bleeding), do not powder their noses, spend more than fifteen minutes in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning! The male hygiene regime involves shower, shave (face!), brush teeth, maybe some hair gel and if it is a fitting occasion some musky, manly, cologne. Anything more is frivolous and not a part of manliness.

The differences between men and women are wonderful things. Most men and women fit into some form of the male or female archetype and for good reasons. In part, we are anatomically designed to conduct our lives in such a way. Women’s bodies are designed to bear and embrace, to nurse; our visage rounder, sweeter, and prettier; our minds are designed to multi-task and have patience with nurturing, domestic activities (though not limited to such activities). Men are suited to lifting, hunting, gathering, protecting, have ample body hair.

A man who is more concerned with his own appearance than the ladies he keeps as company is not a gentleman I would like to keep as company. Even women who spend too much time readying their appearance I find them difficult to make my friend. It is the level of self-centeredness that makes it difficult.

I find it hard to believe that this is a wide spanning social trend. Just because some makeup artists in "the land of the beautiful people" managed to attract some clientele, does not make it a trend.

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Anne said...

Good for you, Renee! I completely agree. The only makeup T has ever worn is the weird-type stuff that is on his facebook picture right now. Here's to manly men who love their womanly women. :)