Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's in a Name?

Andrew and I have agreed on a name for our daughter. It has reverberated in our minds for the past week. It has stuck with us the same way Alexander's name did. When we first named Alexander, I did not want to tell anyone just in case at the last minute we decided to change it. Or as I said at the time, "What if when we saw him and met him for the first time we felt the name did not fit." I am not always the most decisive person. I like to carefully ponder for a long time. I like to make the "right" decision for fear of making a mistake. Andrew is a very decisive person and makes decisions quickly and confidently.

There are no secrets in the Clayton family, soon the word was out about Alexander. The more I said it, the more it sounded right. It was also nice to be able to call our little developing baby by his name. When he was born, there was no moment that I said, "Oh no, this child look like a Charles." To me, he looked more like a blank slate--a little person whom I did not know, furthermore he did not even know himself.

And now without further adieu, we have chosen: Cristiana Noelle Clayton (what a lucky girl). Do not bother trying to suggest other names. We are resolute at this time. I will not say that we will absolutely not change our minds--nothing is final until we sign the paperwork. But, we are pretty stuck on this one.


Anne said...

It's beautiful. Absolutely. :) Do you have any nicknames you're set on (like Sasha for Alexander)?

Can't wait to meet her.. though we're not sure when that will be :( Looks like it's CA for C'mas this year. We'll be in WA for Thanksgiving this year... Miss you guys. Hope all is well!

Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

Blacks must make a weekend trip to Washington in January. We have purchased tickets for Jan.1-12.

No nicknames we jsut like Cristiana. Named by Granddad Brian.