Friday, August 8, 2008


Well, I don't know why I am so slow on the uptake. But, I found out why I can't find vegemite. The FDA banned it about two years ago. That is what my mom was told when she went to World Market to pick some up for me. It's not an official ban, but Kraft Foods Australia is not allowed to import it until they resolve issues with the FDA. And, two years later we're still waiting.

Oh, sure they'll let in toys painted with lead, but they'll ban vegemite for a little extra vitamins. Word is that they banned it for it's high folate content (that's a B vitamin). Duh, they let us administer our own over the counter vitamins don't they? Just slap a warning on the label saying to be careful and don't use more than this amount in one day. Urgh. My mom (mum for the Aussies) and dad have said they will attempt to acquire a large jar from our relatives in Australia. My parents are usually slow to accomplish such tasks, but a vegemite shortage is considered high priority. I learned that customs won't stop personally purchased vegemite, but retailers cannot import it.

Fun Vegemite Fact: In Australia, Vegemite toast and a glass of orange juice is a standard hangover cure.

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