Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vegemite on the Brain Among Other Things

Need vegemite! Crave it! Love it!...vegemite toast and tea. vegemite toast with avocado and tomato, vegemite crackers with butter, vegemite broth...vegemite.

Where can a half Aussie, half American girl find a vat-o-vegemite? I have looked, but I haven't found any reliable sources of vegemite. Why has this delicious spread never caught on in America? Why do the Australians keep it all to themselves? Need it; want it; crave it. Full of delicious B vitamin nutrients.

Other Things:

Urgh, maybe it's nothing and I am totally being a wuss and need to take some acetaminiphen, take a bath and a nap, but I have had a lot of abdominal pain lately (increasingly more frequent over the past couple of weeks). Some of this should be normal and to be expected via round ligament pain and stretching out of the abdomin. But, it seems more than normal to me. It is definitely way more than last time. I am pretty sure that normal pains of pregnancy are not suppose to have you near tears and last for hours and days, even while I sleep.

This morning, in pain, near tears and starting to panic I called my midwife. She's not in the office today, but I talked to her. I am going to see her tomorrow morning. I had a regular appointment scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon, but while near tears it didn't seem prudent to wait to call. She said to go home if I feel I need to rest and if it gets worse to go into the hospital where she would meet me.

It's all subsided now, for the time being. I am now thinking that this is more likely to be something on the extreme end of normal. Like perhaps this is round ligament pain, triggering a muscle spasm followed by a Braxton Hicks contractions, or several contractions. All normal, yet all at once painful and concerning.

There is no other reason to think anything else is wrong. The baby moves plenty; no bleeding; no other signs of distress. Last pregnancy I became concerned about a lot of back pain. I didn't call the doctor. I used a heating pad and talked to her about it at a regular visit. She said it's normal, since everything is okay with my health and the baby's health. She said to get a weight belt to support the belly and it might help the pain. I never did get the belt. By the third trimester my back had adjusted.

All to say, this has been a concern to me, but it's probably nothing to worry about.

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