Friday, August 1, 2008

Byzantine Catholic Evangelism

I just found this website yesterday. It is also linked to a radio station in which you can listen to previous broadcasts and a beautiful CD of the church choir. The radio broadcasts I listened to explain something about Byzantine Theology and the Theosis CD will allow you to experience Byzantine Liturgy. It's great introduction to Byzantine Catholicism. It made me very happy to look at this site. The church interior is amazing. It definitely will turn your thoughts to Godliness. The picture I posted on yesterday's blog was stolen from this site. Check out the rest of the church.


Anne said...

Oh Renee!! How beautiful! I totally agree--seeing those pictures makes me long for quiet prayer and contemplation in such a beautiful church. How I miss the Byzantines...

Anne said...

This is such a beautiful church and the parish seems so vibrant! I miss the Byzantine rite so much.. can't wait to go back to the PNW :)

Thanks for sharing--I stole the link and put it on my blog too :D