Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alex Did You Do This?

Alex watches the movie cars a lot. He has a lot of toys from the movie. It started with one car and one thing led to another and our two year old, the con-artist, convinced us he needed others. Now he has this many.

My husband came into the living room tonight and asked Alex to pack up his cars into his back pack. Then he looked at the cars and said, "Alex did you do this?" I looked over and a said,

"What did he do?" Alex replied,

"Ya, they're racing?"

Look how each car is just a little bit ahead of each other like a race. It's cute, because he was imagining a race just like the movie. But, it appears a surprise dark-horse, Mickey Mouse, top center, edged out the "Cars" competition.

P.S. Feeling sad tonight because both the kids had fevers today and I had to miss a friend's wedding. :-( I hope people took good pictures.

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