Friday, August 21, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis - Kristiana

I feel bad that I have not posted on my blog for over a week. This is a pity post—I pittied my lonely blog. So this is my answer to the pitiable blog.

Kristiana has been REALLY fussy lately. It started last Friday. She screams her head off when I am not holding her and sometimes she screams when I am holding her. On Saturday and Sunday she and I barely slept at all. I began to suspect that one of her ear tubes had fallen out already, since every once and a while she would rub her ear. I took her for a visit to the ENT doctor and he said her ears look great and the rubbing is probably a little fluid in the caverns of her ear canal still drying up. I could use ear drops if it seemed to really bother her. That night I put drops in her ears and it seemed to help. Since the doctor visit I have only seen her rub her ear once or twice.

The fussiness has continued, although we have gotten a little more sleep. I have tried to figure out what is going on with her. I have investigated teething since she does not have any teeth yet. It still looks like none are coming in. I have investigated gas, but patting and burping don’t seem to help. I have suspected allergies. I gave her some benedryl and that quieted her. Ten minutes later she was out like a light. Then I realized, that doesn’t tell me anything, because benedryl will knock anyone out.

She does not sleep at daycare except for a couple of cat naps, so she always comes home and wants sleep and nurse. But, I can’t stay in bed with her nursing her the whole evening, because we have another child who also needs attention. I visit her several times before I go to bed and at that time she comes to bed with me.

She certainly has been clingy. She began going to a different daycare this week. At the other daycare one of the workers was like a second mommy to her. They were great with babies, but Alexander did not seem to get what he needed there. So for now my answer to her fussiness is to hold her and be with her as much as possible. Although I think that there may be more to it, because when she gets fussy she seems to be in pain.

My diagnosis is severe "separation anxiety" typical of babies this age. Possibly coupled with any combination of gas, teething, boredom or allergies. My treatment is to give her the attention she craves, because every complaint from a baby is real.

We have a wedding to attend this weekend and I was not going to take the kids, because it an evening event. But now I am going to take Kristiana with me. Babies are protable and can sleep anywhere. Alexander will stay home with his favorite babysitter.

If there are any other thoughts from medical professionals, or experienced mommies I am open to your thoughts.

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