Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've got joy, joy, joy, deep down in my heart.  I am full. :-D I just had to share.

There haven't been any cutie pictures of the kids lately mainly because Kristiana cannot remain still enough to capture her.   Modern cameras are pretty good at capturing kids on the go, but not even modern technology can account for her lightening speed.  I am sure there is going to be some sort of pay off for her energy and intelligence--someday.

In good news, Kristiana stopped vomitting.  I switched her from cheap "sensitive" formula to expensive stuff and that helped.  They're supposed to be the same, but obviously they are not.  She has a really sensitive tummy and a strong gag reflex.  She is sleeping normally again. Praise be to God!  I was starting to get neurotic about it.

Alex is so cute these days (K-dawg is too).  He is able to tell us all about his day and it is just precious.  He named his stuffed monkey that he sleeps with at naptime, "Oo-aa-aa."  So cute!  TMI, but he also decided to start peeing standing up.  It's too cute--such a little man.  He also has started saying, "No, let me do it."  How mature?!

I am just focusing on being wife and mother right now and I have a lot of joy, joy, joy.


Anne said...

AHAHAHAH!! I love that picture of K!! I predict she'll grow up to be a great, enthusiastic, energetic ORATOR! :D hehe..

so glad you're enjoying motherhood. I am enjoying your motherhood, too! Praise the Lord!

Kayleen said...

Good idea of posting the icon of our lady. I think about Mary raising Jesus often nowadays. I am glad Kristiana is feeling better and I am glad you are joy joy joy-ful!