Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uh Oh!!! It’s That Time of Year

Walking Dead - Andrew has the big bad flu! Andrew started out sick on Monday morning. I have had trouble getting him to slow down all week. He has been out and about and working all week. This morning it became apparent that he has the full blown flu. He took his temperature this morning and for the fourth day in a row it’s been a little over 100 degrees, and he’s been achy and he has had really bad chest congestion all week. He’s out of commission.

Midnight Bandit - Kristiana has had congestion all week too, but she has not had fevers. So I don’t think she has the flu. But, when she gets stuffy and congested and starts coughing, she pukes. She has a really strong gag reflex. I have been puked on four times in the night this week.

Kristiana has also been really obnoxious in the night. She wakes up throughout the night screaming to be held or fed or play. She’s so headstrong. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and demands it. Last night we kept her up until 9:00 pm and she slept through the night. I guess she doesn’t need as much sleep as Alex. She is good with about 10 hours of sleep, which is low for a kid her age. Alex is good with about 12-14 hours sleep, which a lot for a kid his age. But both are still within the normal range.

Little Trooper - Alex started the week with a double ear infection. He was prescribed antibiotics and he hasn’t complained about it since. I took him out for juice and doughnuts after he saw the doctor, because he didn’t want to go back to school. I figured that would soften the blow of having to go back to school. I am not a cruel mom; he did have Tylenol and was fine. He never had a fever either. He has been a lot more communicative about his wants, needs and perspectives this week. I like it! The next day after school he jumped in his car seat and said, “I had a good day at school.” But today, his teacher wasn’t there and he had a meltdown and it broke my heart. My mother’s intuition told me not to leave him, but I did anyway. I hope he is okay!

AWOL Mom - Tomorrow I head off to my yearly convention with my job. I will be gone a week. My business puts on the convention, so there is a lot of work to be done. It will be at the least twelve hour days. It can be pretty interesting, energizing and daunting at times. In the past, I have taken Alex and my mom with me, because Alex was still nursing. This will be my first convention in four years without a baby. This is also the first time I have been away from the kids. They are going to hate it. I will miss the whole family a lot. But, on the bright side, I will probably catch up on some sleep.

My mother-in-law has been enlisted to help Andrew with the kids since it will be the first week of classes for him. He is going to have to muscle through a day and half alone with the kids and the flu.

PRAYERS NEEDED! – Pray for Andrew that he gets well soon. Pray for the kids that they stay well and behave well for Andrew while I am gone. Pray for me and my travels. Pray that I don’t get sick! Pray for my mother-in-law and that her travels go smoothly. Pray for Aunt Amy and her family. She just had her double mastectomy—may she recover quickly and her family is granted fortitude, courage, and peace. And of course, always pray for the purification of our souls.

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Michelle M. said...

You guys have a lot on your plate right now. I pray that everyone will stay healthy and that your trip will go smoothly (enjoy the sleep!). Prayers for your Aunt as well.