Saturday, August 28, 2010


          Instead of working on my “to do” list today I guess I was destined for a little detour.  Everyday this week Alex has asked for pancakes for breakfast.  On Friday, I made some whole wheat pancakes that everyone enjoyed and stuck to our ribs pretty well.  This morning after a restless night, Alex again asked for pancakes and I was not at all interest in doing any cooking.  However, if I must make pancakes two days in a row today it was going to be crepes.  Because crepes are more sophisticated for adult pallets.  I filled the adult crepes with leftover ratatouille and goat cheese.  The kids had syrup and whipped cream.

100_2739           Since the morning had already taken a strange detour into crepe making, I decided to do something else not on the do-list.  I already had to make a trip to the store to pick up a pot roast for Sunday dinner, so why not plan the week’s menus and pick up all the groceries too.  The rest of the morning, there was not too much of it left, I planned the week’s menus, showered and headed to the store.  But since I was going out, I figure I ought to run to Michael’s as well.  I needed some school supplies and supplies for my next Icon.  I figure that I will never get to it if I do not get the supplies now and it took me a couple of weeks to prime the last Icon panel.  Then the new baby will come and with home school…  

         While I was there, I saw some kid crafts that I had to have.  Apparently, today was going to become a sewing day.  I made little dresses for these dolls all afternoon.  This is old school Renee. I did not plan it out and the dresses do not fit very well, but I was determined not to have naked dollies.  I do not know what I was thinking, because Kristiana hates dolls.  In typical Kristiana fashion, she gave them the stink eye when she saw them.  But, Alex said that he liked them and would like to keep one for himself.  “Okay son, you can play with them, but I want you to understand that you need to share them with the girls.”

100_2743 100_2736          Later in the afternoon, I wanted to take the kids to the spray park to wear them out before bed.  But, all the spray parks in Waco have been turned off to conserve water.  When it’s hottest, they eliminate methods of cooling.  Some of us don’t have yards, Waco.  There are some poorer folks that cannot afford air conditioning.  A run at the spray park may be their only method of cooling down (I know it’s a bit overdramatic on my part, but it’s true.)  We went to the park shaded by trees and there were lots of families there.  It was still too hot for this pregnant lady and her Welsh honey.  We stuck it out for about 45 minutes and then told the kids we are going home, but we’ll fill up the buckets with water.  And that’s what we did.  Fortunately, this is an acceptable substitute for the kids.

100_2750100_2751          What a strange day.  Hopefully tomorrow and the next day, I will feel more like doing what I ought to.

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Anne said...

I would love to try a bite of your crepes! They look fabulous :) They've always been my favorite.. I hope I can eat eggs again someday :P

Your kids are too cute in their personal swimming buckets! And your doll dresses do not look bad at all--definitely better than having them naked. hehe :)