Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Day of Preschool at Home

My little student and his books for the day.  He called his books his “learning.”  He was very excited and happy to have Mommy as his teacher.  That’s my lesson plan on the right.

Today’s lessons included “God Loves Me,” and “All About Me.” Making handprints was a part of “All About Me.”  Then we went through the first half of Dr. Seuss “My Book About Me.”  The second half was not pertinent to my preschooler.  Alex and I read the book and Alex described himself as we went through.

In this picture Alex is painting a picture of Alex and God.  I wish I had taken this picture after he painted God.  God was a green, pickle shaped figure.  Then he painted the rest of his family in different colors.  Then he proceeded to paint brown over the entire picture.  I guess he shrouded his meeting with God in a blanket of mystery.


Here is our homeschooling supply cupboard.  Perhaps this does not look like much, but this cupboard was a disaster two days ago.

Alex was such a wonderful little student today.  It was fun for us both.  I did not expect for Alex to be so joyful, compliant and receptive.  We did this while Kristiana took her nap.  It took us a little under two hours to complete everything.  Of course, we put together a floor map of the USA, which was not on the lesson plan.  But it’s “learning” just the same.

We are two weeks behind the program.  I think we will be able to catch up in the next couple of weeks.  I expect we will get behind a couple of weeks when the baby is born.  Anyhow, first day down and so far, so good.


Michelle M. said...

I'm impressed! That all sounds great. I'm glad you aren't going to put pressure on yourself to be homeschooling after you've had the baby. Although, the baby will be sleeping a lot, so you never know how much you'll actually be able to do, especially if it is just quiet learning time like you've depicted here.

Anne said...

yeah! just tie the babe up in the sling and go go go! I'm sure you'll adjust fine once you have the little one, and hopefully Alex will want to be a very helpful big brother :)