Friday, December 24, 2010

Holy Supper @ Claytonopolis

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


Holy Supper begins at sundown when the first star in the evening sky is visible.  The star must be spied by the children.  Tonight the sky was overcast and we could not see the stars.  We joined at the table in prayer.  Father began by saying the Troparian.  Then he lit the candle representing the “Light of the World” and he tied a rope around the table binding us together. 


Then mother blessed everyone with holy water.


Father cut a cross into the Kolach bread (eternity bread) and served a piece everyone. 


Mother blessed the children’s foreheads with garlic and honey
representing the bitterness and sweetness of life. 


Each person ate one spoonful of Kutya (wheat porridge) representing bounty and the gathering of the family. Everyone thought is was so good.

Then each person was served a small portion of each dish.  Our Twleve Meatless Dishes for Holy Supper –
Twleve Dishes Representing Twelve Apostles.


And we all exclaimed “Christ is Born, Glorify Him!”


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priest's wife said...

beautiful! Christ is born!