Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Icon Writing with Kids – The Conception of Blessed Theotokos in the Womb of St. Anne

conception of St. Ann

Alex has been feeling a little performance anxiety lately.  I painted most of this Icon.  He started to paint the right hand doorway and started to paint outside the lines and got upset and he decided he would paint the sky and the ground.  He did end up painting a few other areas.  But, it IS hard painting with tempera and our brushes are not ideal.  Anyhow, Alex was excited to paint and learn about the feast.  It was difficult explaining conception to a four year old.  I finally explained that it was the feast of Mary being in her mommy’s tummy.  Then he understood, because he knows that his sister Baby Annie was in mommy’s tummy.

Saint Anne (Forbear of God) is the patroness of housewives, so this lady has got my back ;-).  Holy Saint Anne pray for us.


priest's wife said...

just beautiful...even if you did most of the painting- it is still amazing for a 4 year old!

and Anne is my patron :)

anne said...

lovely! I've always loved this feast, too :)

You're an amazing housewife, and with your own little Annie around, how could things be other than wonderful? ;)

Margaret E. Perry said...

so wonderful!