Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home Almost

We’re officially Texans since we now own property. We are also trying to get all our things put away in to our new home.  I sort of wish we did not have so much stuff.  I keep thinking that we do not need all this stuff; and I wonder what would happen if I didn’t bring in anymore boxes from the garage, or didn’t open anymore and just called it good. We do not have as much as some folks, but I am a simple gal.  I want to keep it clean and simple.  Yet, homey and comfortable. It’s a fine line.

Our first home. It’s a pretty nice place.  (We’ll have sod soon)


‘Tis the Season – I read an article in the Diocesen newspaper about Advent and Christmas traditions and how important it is to decorate, because the ritual is apart of the development of the soul and not participating in the ritual is like losing a piece of your soul.


Annie wanted to give a little shout out to Aunt Annie. She enjoys riding in the mei tai on the back, but not the front.



Kayleen said...

What a cuuute house! I am more than a little jealous - but of course very happy for you guys. Would love to see more pictures if you have the time between sorting through stuff and taking care of the little ones.

anne said...

maybe she doesn't like riding in the front 'cuz she can smell your milk :)

lovely house :) thanks for the extra pictures, too! can't wait to see it all next month!