Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleep When You’re Dead and Other Wisdom

We have taken a week long break from home school, because Alex and Mommy were frustrated.  Alex was frustrated and that caused mommy to be frustrated.  I do not know what happened, but last Wednesday Alex could not sit still, lost focus and scribbled all over his work book even though he had been happily working moments before.  Then the whole afternoon turned into a smack-down, drag-out, Alex Vs. Mommy power struggle.  Anyhow, I decided we would just focus on Alex following instructions, having a good attitude and being respectful.  Plus there were better things to do, like painting the kitchen and playing.

So here are some of Alex’s adorable playtime.  Those trains have not been played with in months!


Everyone has an annoying little sister.  This is Alex’s.  We are trying to teach Alex to be respectful when she is annoying and not hit her or take her toys.


Alex made the whole family dinner in the play kitchen a couple of times this week.  Here is our family enjoying our play dinner.  We even said the blessing before our meal.  And guess what, we discovered Alex knows how to say the blessing when given the opportunity in his own kitchen.



Why yes, Annie Bear was there too.


And what color did we end up painting that kitchen?  I guess you will just have to wait and see. I want to wait to post pictures until we have completed all the design features.  We are going to put up a chair rail and new curtains and I think I am going to compose a new painting for the kitchen.


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anne said...

excited to see the new paint! I'm working on putting my house back together, too, to take some pictures.

your kids are so sweet :) and you're dad's right--Alex is only 4, so take it slow. If you wanna stick w/ home schooling, you want it to be something enjoyable for both of you!