Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“To Infinity and Beyond…”

This is what happens when your mommy likes to play with paintbrushes.  When we decided to paint our kitchen, Alex started picking paint swatches for his room.  I hadn’t planned on painting any room.  But, Alex talked about painting his room everyday for a full month until we painted his room.  As a child’s room it did need a durable coat of paint.  We painted the kitchen, then Kristiana’s room (pictures to come) and now we have totally finished Alex’s room.  We still need to touch up the trim in the kitchen and decorate.  I need to finish the mural in Kristiana’s room.  The problem is the time I have to paint is during her nap and she is usually sleeping in her room.  But, Alex’s room is done. 


HE just happened to pick a swatch that said “Buzz Blaster Blue,” which was just perfect because he had decided he wanted his room to look like Andy’s room from “Toy Story 2.”  When we first painted the room, we were stunned at how blue it was. We did not know if we were going to be able to live with it.  Then we painted the stars and we think it is very cozy now.  We have probably made mistakes with such bold colors in our house, but it is our cozy, little house in which to make mistakes.




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anne said...

I. Love. That. Room! What an awesome job you all did!! You are inspiring me to get my radiator cover painted before you and Annie get here :)

Which, btw, is not too far off, now, huh?! can't wait to see you!