Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best Wishes Blessed Theotokos

Best wishes is a common salutation to a person on his or her birthday.  What does best wishes connote?  It conveys that one hopes the best for the birthday celebrant.  And what is the birth of Mary, but the greatest hope of the world.  So let us wish Blessed Theotokos the best and hope with her every day of our lives.

"What she is, wonderful as that is, will be made more wonderful by her stainless and all-pure life; her generous 'yes' to God's will; her divine maternity; her own passion and glorification." (

Your birth, O Virgin Mother of God,
heralded joy to the universe;
for from you rose the Sun of Justice, Christ our God.
He took away the curse. 
He gave the blessing. 
By trampling Death He gave us everlasting life


As of late, I have been under the weather.  However, I have been impressed that despite I have managed to keep the household running.  Although, Mommy is not feeling as patient these days.  I need to pray about that one and I know just who I am going to pray to asking for intercession.

Today, I read the children the story of Mary's birth.  They did not listen very well. I felt deflated.  Then they attempted to color an icon of the Nativity of Blessed Theotokos.  No, I was not up to writing a large, elaborate icon with them.  They only colored half of it.  It's just not as fun without paint.

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Totally fed up with the children, I wandered to the pantry and pulled out a cook book.  Turned on my heel and blurted to the kids, "Let's make a birthday cake for Blessed Theotokos."  They immediately cheered.  It was fun.

After looking at some recipes and sizing up the ingredients we had on hand, I made the cake and frosting from scratch. This is my first from scratch baking success ever.  This is my first non-box cake ever. I guess Blessed Theotokos had pity on me.

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It was not a good day.  No one showed their finest behavior.  But, the birthday cake made the day end better.   Blessed Theotokos, we magnify you.


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Natural Homemaker said...

Sounds like it was a difficult, but heart-warming day.