Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Daddy

I kept sweetly suggesting to my husband that we ought to get a climbing gym for the back yard so that our son would stop using our furniture to practice his gymnastics.  He has also been a climber.  He scaled the sofa at eight months old.  On Wednesday night, we all headed out to Home Depot to see what they had in the way of play sets.  I also wanted a swing set, because Kristiana could swing all day long.  On Saturday, I casually mentioned (nagged) to my husband that he should go get our neighbor and see if he would go help bring home the play set we picked out.  Then the guys spent the rest of the weekend putting it together.  Later, my husband posted as his Facebook status, "So much for a three day weekend."  So much for having Labor day as a day of rest.  But, what fun fruits of his labor.
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anne said...

ah, that's true Love. way to go, Andrew!! Looks like a fabulous play set :) woo!

Natural Homemaker said...

yay! yay! outside play!