Saturday, October 15, 2011

3. Spilled Milk

3.  Spilled Milk - Oh irony! Why is life ironic sometimes?  One evening, the children were well-occupied and even though it was nearing their bed time I could not stand the sticky, dirty kitchen floor one more moment.  So I was going to sweep and mop before I put them to bed.  I hate to mop and tried to assign this duty to my husband.  But, he never found time and I was tired of sticking to the floor.  I was shocked that no insect and vermin were swarming the kitchen.  Anyhow, with some trouble I got the floor mopped and then put the kids to bed.  Lastly I had to put Annie to bed.  I meandered through the kitchen toward the master bedroom with baby Annie to take her to bed.  She was finishing her last bottle of milk and as she finished, she reached over my shoulder and dropped her bottle.  It was a glass bottle and still had a few ounces left in it.  It shattered ALL OVER the kitchen.  There was even milk on the cabinets and glass spread in every corner.  She managed to drop it just so to make maximum mess.  I plopped her in her high chair and began round 2 of cleaning the kitchen floor.  The next morning I spilled an entire cup of tea on the floor.  I am guessing it is just not my destiny to have a clean floor. That WOULD be too much to ask for.

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