Saturday, October 15, 2011

7. Fall Family Fun

7. Pumpkin Patch - We drove an hour to ride some ponies, pet some animals, paint a pumpkin and get ripped off.  He, he, he, it was a fun time.  But next time I think I will stay a little closer to home and go to the local Fair, and paint a pumpkin at home.  Hey kids, I'll even get a baby pool full of rubber ducks and let every one come over and have duck races in our baby pool.  It would be cheaper to do that than drive to the "Empty Your Pockets Farm."

I know you are thinking, why is Renee obsessed with money this week?  Well let's face it.  Build-a-Bear and Pumpkin Farm were not the wisest of monetary decisions this week.  But, I do want my kids to have fond memories of fun things they did with their parents.  I just wish fun was a little more practical and a little more economic.  After today, I am seriously considering having my own little kids carnival in my back yard next year.  I just have to figure out how to get a mini-petting zoo for free.  I just need a couple baby goats or sheep and maybe some baby chicks.  I need a pony too.  I wish I live closer to family.  Then I would have some free labor too. ;-)

Here are some fuzzy moments from our trip to the pumpkin patch.

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