Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nativity Project

It's finally done.  A friend asked me to help her make Nativity figures so that she could sew a plush Nativity set that her kids could play with, without breaking.  I drew the figures and she is having them printed on fabric and will sew them.  I took my drawings and laminated them and the kids painted a cave.  Then we placed the figures as though it were a Nativity set.  I laminated the figures so we can reuse them from year to year.

Kristiana was my big helper.  She worked the longest and hardest on it.

100 5498
This time Annie helped paint.  She finger painted. :-)

100 5500


This is one of my favorite parts of the set - the two angels and the star.

100 5504

100 5505

Happy Christmas Season!

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kayleen said...

That turned out really nice! I think Fr. Joseph would love it if you guys just moved to Seattle and you could help teach the ECF classes :) (Of course, I would love that, too)