Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Conception of Blessed Theotokos

Here is a late post for the feast.  All last week I was very ill with the flu and strep throat.  I did manage to muscle through the week caring for the children.  We even managed to write the icon of the Conception of Blessed Theotokos, but I did not get pictures of the kids working.  Kristiana finished her icon of many colors , but Alex did not finish his.  I have been working on a major Nativity project, so I did not work on this icon.  But, I thought that such a feast could not pass without remembrance.  I scanned the Icon I drew and decided to fill it in in paint.  It's a far cry from iconography, but it is a remembrance.

Troparion (Tone 4)

Today the bonds of barrenness are broken,
God has heard the prayers of Joachim and Anna.
He has promised them beyond all their hopes,
To bear the Maiden of God
By whom the Uncircumscribed One was born as mortal man,
Who commanded an angel to cry to Her:
Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is with You!

Kontakion (Tone 4)

Today the universe rejoices,
For Anna has conceived the Theotokos through God's dispensation,
For she has brought forth the One who is to bear the Ineffable Word!

Immaculate conception 2
Immaculate conception painted
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