Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Seasons of Life

1. Sometimes Andrew walks up to one of the children and in a deep voice says, "Lucy, I am your father."  [Insert the name of any of our children in place of Lucy].  It's supposed to be like Darth Vader from Stars Wars.  Then they run away screaming saying, "Nooo, it's not true.  You're not my father."  Okay the second part is not true.  The kids never run away screaming.  But, the bit about Andrew IS true.

2. Darn Baby Blues.  I never had a problem with this hormonal unrest before.  I had something going on during pregnancy with Kristiana.  But, it was not like this in which I just randomly start crying about something.  And most of the time my mind attaches it to something.  For instance, today I was at the gym at an exercise class and caught sight of how big my belly is and I burst into tears.  Thankfully, everyone is too focused on their own workout to notice.  But, let's not be confused here.  I am pretty sure it's not the baby belly that set it off.  I am pretty sure it was coming anyway and somehow it all becomes internalized.  I have noticed that when I encounter just everyday stresses, like kids climbing all over me, or a kid mess, or my husband asks me a question, I burst into tears.  These things normally would not bother me, but for some reason, lately it's an occasion to cry. Ugh.  I am sure this is going to pass and I am just hoping soon.

3. Monday, I spent the day being particularly fierce and stringent with the kids.  It was not fun for me.  For some reason, they thought they did not have to obey mom and dad anymore.  It had already been several days of bad behavior.  That had to be nipped in the bud.  Alex got the message quickly, but Kristiana continues to be a free spirit.  On Wednesday, while I had a house full of guests, she took this as an opportunity to use the backyard as a restroom for her #2.  It seems to me she does not think she is special and important since the baby has come and is acting out.  That's my theory at least. 

4.  Annie seems to be coping well with the new baby.  There have been moments of baby resentment.  There may have been an early morning throwing a bottle at the baby's head incident.  But Annie is pretty good at communicating her needs for attention.  After nap time, she has started a new routine.  She has been bringing me a blanket and shows me that she wants me to swaddle her.  Then I cuddle and rock her infant-style until she feels content.  Afterward she gets up and goes off to play happily. 

5.  Alex has been taking a break from home school since Andrew is on break from teaching.  Therefore, he has been trying to fill his time with as many computer games as we will allow.  It drives me crazy to see him spend so much time on the computer.  Likewise, Kristiana has tried to watch as many movies as we will allow her (I think she is bored.  It's a phase).  But, this is also mommy's recovery time, so whatever, we're gonna let this all slide.  "There is a time for everything."  There is a time for planting, and a time for reaping…And a time for vegging.

6.  She's gonna be tough.  Annie just wanted to lay next to her and kiss her.



7. More cute baby pictures.  She changes everyday.



"Isn't my face cute when I pass gas?"

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Athanasius contra mundum said...

#1 That's awesome! Love of sci-fi starts early.