Friday, May 18, 2012

Great Growth

When our first child, Alex, was born we had a lot of trouble learning breastfeeding, and my milk did not come in until 5 days after birth.  It was a tough beginning.  When he was eight days old and we were finally successfully feeding for a few days, I gazed upon him and realized I had kept him alive a week.  A week!  I kept another, helpless, human being alive.  I knew then that I could be a successful mom.  

Now we are enjoying our fourth newborn and there is much greater ease sustaining this life and all our children.  But, I am still proud of the growth of our little two week old.  She had her two week check-up today. 


Stats: 7 lb. 4oz. (25%) 20.5 in. (75% she grew a full inch)

I know in the above picture it looks like Lucy is a chunky monkey, but it is misleading because she is all balled up.  I think she looks quite skinny.  But, she is starting to fatten.  Kristiana apparently snuck into the room and gave Lucy a little friend.  Look to the left of Lucy's head.

Gradmom, who came to help us, had to leave this week.  It was sad.  We miss her company.  She cheered everything up for us, and did some organizing. 

100 6023

Grandpa came for a visit for a day.  He was, of course, a great novelty to all the kids.  They were happy to see him, and his iPad.


No one, I said no one, is having any issues regarding welcoming the new baby. Can you tell?  The girls especially love to hold the baby, and watch her have her diaper changed and help out with her in any way they can.  Annie started sleeping through the night after the baby was born when previously she wasn't.  But I do have Annie and sometimes Kristiana trying to jump in the chair with me while I try to feed Lucy (note to self: start sitting on the sofa while feeding, so the girls can sit on either side of me.) 


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