Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Just Random

1. Confessions of a Fatgirl - I do not have an off switch when it comes to food.  It does not matter what kind of food it is.  Delicious food is obviously preferred, but non-delicious food will be eaten just the same.  Fasting foods do not phase me.  I like to eat them too.  Therefore, the only sacrifice is to not eat. 

Sometimes when it gets to mealtime or especially parties, I think, I should not even start eating because I can not turn it off.  My husband complains I don't buy enough food, because he has no easy munchy food.  I only plan and buy exactly what we will eat in a week, because if there is a lot of food in the house, I will eat it.  

I read an article on 10 Diet Tips You Haven't Tried.  One of the tips was that there really is a fat gene in which some people do not have an off switch and there are certain foods, especially rich foods, that trigger overeating.  Therefore you should avoid trigger foods.  After reading this article, my whole life came flashing before me and suddenly my overeating made perfect sense.

It is the amazing grace of God that I do not weigh 300 lbs.  No seriously, I pray about it and that does seem to help. 

2. For P.E. in home school this week I demonstrated cartwheels.  I am not sure what I looked like when I did it, but afterward the kids didn't want to try it too.  Maybe I should do it again and film myself just to see what I look like. 

3. P.E. is one of Alex's most favorite school subjects.  I need to get better at making P.E. fun.  Since there are only three of us, I actually have to participate.  And well, I am not a school kid anymore.

4. Speaking of P.E., I read in a home school magazine how doing things like army crawl is good for brain development.  Someone else at a home school potluck told me something similar.  She said she tried a program where they did hand play exercises before starting school and it would warm up their brains.  

5. Sometimes I think I am totally failing at this home school thing.  It's not nearly as cool as school outside the home and sometimes it's cooler (there ARE GREAT things about home school that you just cannot get in school).  There are so many cool learning things out there and I am not willing to go seek it because, one, it all starts to add up in the budget and two, I am exhausted on just the basics, plus a baby.  The things I would normally do during the day, I am not spending time doing home school and then I play catch up during the rest of the day. 

6.  I took Lucy to her to her six month well-baby appointment.  She did not gain very much weight.  The doctor was a little concerned, but I haven't done solids with her yet until this week.  I told him she hasn't pooped in two weeks too.  After a physical exam he said there was nothing suspicious and that I should give her some pear juice.  I did that evening.  She sucked down 6 ounces and an hour later, she exploded.  It was classic parenting fun.

7. I taught Alex about feasting and fasting with pictures to help him learn about the Nativity Fast.  We drew his favorite food in one picture and foods mommy makes during the fast in the fasting picture.  Visuals--that's my tactic.  For Kristiana who has to talk, touch and see, I draw it, she colors it. Yeah, go mommy.100_7163


Kayleena said...

Cute drawing, mama. And good idea. I would never have thought to illustrate it but it totally makes sense.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!

Shane or Violet said...

Oh my gosh! Your description of food is EXACTLY the same for me! Someone once said people can get addicted to sugar so I didn't eat sugar for a month, but it didn't make a difference.