Monday, November 12, 2012

Real Life

Lucy started eating solids today.  She has shown no interest in food.  But, on Sunday I decided to shove a little avocado in her mouth since she is of age to start solids.  She sucked it down with a curious look on her face.  Later at the church reception she gummed down some soft banana.  Then in the evening my neighbor brought over some prepared baby food left over from her own baby. The other kids were very excited that Lucy would soon be eating food.  They asked all day long today if they could be one to feed her.  I told them they could all take a turn feeding her.  I thought she would do the typical baby thing and push it all out with her tongue, but she sucked down two bowls.  The girls had fun playing little mommies with their sister.  Of course, Annie spent the most time and care feeding Lucy.  Then the girls each had a bowl of baby cereal themselves.  I don't know what that was about.  Maybe it was like comfort food to them.  

Yes, I had to snap a picture of my two year old gently feeding her sixth month old sister.  Perfect moment.


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