Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home School Makeover

Our play room got a makeover.  The playroom (used to be a dining room) is now sharing with the home school classroom (which we thought we would eventually make this conversion.  We cut the toys down by one third.  We also bought a table that is the perfect height and has adjustable legs.  Now everyone can write comfortably and has plenty of elbow room.  

We used to hold school in the kitchen.  But, it was not good for writing posture.  I thought we might be able to get away with keeping school in the kitchen, but it was not working well and we kept moving to our little table, which you can see in this picture to the left.  But, when Kristiana wanted to color or join in, there was not enough space for two students.  There was a lot of fighting.

See baby Lucy off to the right.  Now Annie and she can play while we school.  I am sure I will have updates on how this is all working.

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