Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feasting on Icons

We are back at it for the moment.  The project went all right.  By all right I mean the disaster was contained to the kitchen.  No paint was splattered on the carpet.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  So perhaps I will find time again next week to draw and allow the kids to write icons.

The Feast of the Presentation





Sunday of Zaccheus

This one was intended for Annie to paint.  I made it simpler. 


I definitely wanted Annie to have her own icon, because this is how it ended up.  She's a free spirit. 


The children were most interested in the story behind the Zaccheus Icon, because clearly a man is in a tree and that is interesting.  I was most interested in it as well, because of the meaning for myself--that one must ascend the tree away from materials things in order to see Christ.  Then to be forgiven and achieve the kingdom one must repent and fully release material possession.

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