Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Lucy came charging into my bathroom yesterday morning.  She exclaimed, "Baaa, baaa!" (bath).  She began trying to tear off her jammies.  It was mommy's shower time, but Lucy was so excited, so I could be persuaded to take a bath instead.  We hopped in the bath.  After a few moments, Lucy began pointing at body parts and muttering toddler-ese.  I pointed too and said names (well, euphemisms).  

I said, "Arm."  

She said, "Awm."

I said, "Belly."

She said, "Beb-yee."

I said, "Boobie."

She said, "Bebbies."

I said, "Daisy." (Euphemism for private parts.  We don't need to point.  She knows what that is.)

She said, "Day-dee." 

Then she said, "Yay!" and then she repeated the new names over and over, followed by, "Yay!"

I just wanted to remember a sweet moment when Lucy learned new words very quickly and they actually sounded like the words she attempted. 

(The girls and I were practicing the lift from that eighties dance movie.  They have no idea about the movie or the lift, but they were overjoyed to be lifted high in the air.)



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