Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Favorite Snack is Bubbles

Look at these chubby legs.  They are so cute.  They look edible.  Those itty-bitty button toes perched at the edge of the chair are so endearing.


Lately, Lucy has been pulling chairs up to the counters to do whatever she wills.  She is not destructive like Annie, but she is starting to get into everything.  She helps herself to snacks and water a lot lately.  

She pulled up this chair to play in a sink full of soapy bubbly water.  Now every time I wash dishes in the sink, she is right there in a minute with her chair "helping."  She eats the bubbles and drinks the water--actions that make a grown-up's skin crawl.


But, look at the joy on this kid's face.  That is priceless.


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