Monday, May 19, 2014

Being Famous

Our home school co-op ended the school year with a variety show and school work show night.  A lot of the families did musical performances.  It was a fun night and, honestly, too short.

We decided to perform the Byzantine hymn, "O Holy Spirit."  We sing this every night to the kids for evening prayers.  They will not go to bed without having heard this song.  It is also the only song to which they know all the words.

Before the show Kristiana asked excitedly if there would be a stage, and a microphone and if we were going to be famous.  I laughed at her hopes and exasperations.  But, as you can see, on the far right of this video, someone is going to be famous.  If only she would lose that family of hers who are clearly dragging her performance down. ;-)

(I have to give much thanks to my friend for thinking Kristiana was a riot and videoing her.)

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