Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sister For Sale

A couple months ago my son wanted to earn money for a toy.  Somehow the topic of garage sale came up.  I think it was based in my desire to purge and organize.  Alex went through his own things and pulled things he no longer uses.   I had him sell his own dresser and his sisters dressers, because they were difficult to open and no longer suited our needs.  We climbed up to the attic and pulled out a lot of other things we were holding onto that should go.

I made him wait to hold the actual sale, because I have had so many other things to do, I haven't had time to help him sort, clean and tag the sale things.  My poor husband had to park outside our garage for two months. Finally, we held the garage sale yesterday.  It was a success.  We made what I had hoped and had very little leftover.

Little Lucy kept trying to take things out of the sale.  I had some nice baby toys in the sale, but it seemed I couldn't give them away.  Lucy kept taking tags off things.  She's been such a terrible two year old lately.  Eventually we put this tag on her.  She's so funny.

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