Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding Weekend

We took the kids to their first wedding this last weekend. My husband was a groomsman (I feel like I barely saw him).  They behaved very well at the wedding.  They could not stop talking about receiving a piece of cake.  All danced until their little bodies could dance no more.  The wedding feast was breakfast for dinner, so everyone ate well.  We feasted on omelets, crepes and bacon.  Little 2 year old Lucy somehow snuck a mimosa.  The girls were sitting by an air conditioning vent that blew their dresses up, which they thought was very funny. Periodically through the evening Lucy would run over to the vent and let it blow up her dress and then she would laugh and laugh.  Annie and Kristiana were heartbreakers.  

This is what happens when you hand someone else your camera - a blurry picture

Cake! When do we get cake!

The two that understood that it's picture time

Oh! The air is blowing up my dress! 

Who's Annie dancing with? I don't know.

Father-daughter dance.

Icon/first furniture for the bride and groom

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